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You Need a Superhuman Memory to Fill Out Trump's New Visa Survey

Some applicants will have to provide 15 years of detailed info on travel, residency, and employment—plus their social media handles and email addresses.
Drew Schwartz

Dark Matter Hunters Are Hoping 2017 Is Their Year

If we don't find it soon, our best searches could be doing it wrong.
Kate Lunau
The VICE Guide to Right Now

The Pope Wants Scientists to Protect the Planet from Trump

The latest chapter in the ongoing Trump-pope beef is all about climate change, which the new president-elect once tweeted is a Chinese hoax.
Lauren Messman
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Stanford Scientists Are Calling for an In-Depth Exploration of MDMA’s Effects

'Drugs like MDMA should be the object of rigorous scientific study, and should not necessarily be demonized,' one researcher says.
Allison Tierney

A Scientist Ripped My Screenplay a New Asshole Thanks to Hollywood's Science Hotline

The Science and Entertainment Exchange is making movies like <i>Thor</i> and <i>Ant-Man</i> more scientifically accurate, but the process can be painful.
Mike Pearl
Why the Fuck Is No One Talking About...

What This Federal Election Means for Science in Canada

A change in government could have a generational impact on the scientific community.
Jackie Hong

We Asked a Theoretical Physicist How Time Travel in the Terminator Movies Works

We talked about everything from quantum mechanics to why Arnold has to be naked.
Mike Pearl

A Brief History of the US Experimenting on Humans

The trouble with talking about America's human experiments is that you instantly sound like a doomsday-prepping, conspiracy-spouting whackjob. To combat that stereotype, here's a rundown of some of the officially-documented ones we've carried out.
Mike Pearl

How a Cat Parasite Affects Your Behavior, Mental Health, and Sex Drive

We used to believe that a healthy human could control the Toxoplasma parasite indefinitely. New evidence suggests the opposite. Through a delicate finessing of the neurotransmitters in our brains, it is us who are being controlled.
Roc Morin

We Need to Stop Killer Robots from Taking Over the World

Oxford professor Nick Bostrom’s job is to imagine nightmare scenarios for humanity, including plagues, asteroid strikes, and superbugs. He spends a surprising amount of time worrying that HAL 9000-style deranged computers will wipe us all out.
James Pallister

Hating Whitey Is Not All There Is to the Five Percent

The Five Percent are concerned with the divine power of the united black family.
Michael Muhammad Knight