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A ‘Drug Overdose’ at Beyond The Valley Was Probably a Snake Bite

It's been revealed that 20-year-old Callum Edwards, who died of a suspected drug overdose last week, had tiger snake venom in his system.
Gavin Butler

Deadly Niagara Falls Inflatable Ball Stunt Involved Massive Snake

The seven foot yellow boa constrictor named Misty is presumed dead.
Mack Lamoureux
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This Snake Fight Makes No Sense

Watch two snakes duke it out with ostensibly no explanation.
Mallory Locklear
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Yearly Snake Fuckfest Is In Full Swing

Visitors flock to snake dens each spring in Manitoba, Canada to witness the snake orgies.
Lisa Cumming
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Get This Motherfucking Snake Out of Our Motherfucking Drain

Thank you Victoria, BC for giving us a super timely 'Snakes on a Plane' reference.
Allison Tierney

An Oral History of 'Degrassi: The Next Generation'

AKA the show that broke Drake.
Amil Niazi and Chris Bilton
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For the Love of God Someone Help This Man Get the Snakes Out of His Attic

He doesn't know what to do.
VICE Staff
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A Song of Metal Gear Solid: Photographing ‘The Phantom Pain’

Framing the scenes that make Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear goodbye so memorable.
Steve Haske
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Freeskiing's Blonde Wonder Twins (that aren't actually twins)

We got to spend a down day with free-skiers Johnny and Angel Collinson to hike, have a barbecue and go bouldering.
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Holy Shit

Listen to Snake’s Ode to the Suckiness of the Holiday Retail Season

Al Montfort (Total Control, UV Race, Eastlink) goes solo on a punk piece of anti-consumerism.
Noisey Staff
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'Metal Gear Solid 3,' I Love You with All My Heart

I couldn’t exactly tell you to play it. I just love it.
Leigh Alexander
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Snake Island

The highest concentration of one of the most venomous snakes in the world is located about 90 miles off the coast of Santos, Brazil, on a small, craggy chunk of otherwise uninhabitable land. It’s known as Ilha da Queimada Grande, or Snake Island.
VICE Staff