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Steven Spielberg’s Hypocritical Crusade Against Netflix

The legendary director once known for leading ‘New Hollywood’ can’t seem to see how old he’s beginning to look.
Noel Ransome

Spielberg’s Latinx ‘West Side Story’ Is Fighting Hollywood Whitewashing

His new cast is a correction to decades of white actors playing the movie's Puerto Rican roles.
Taylor Hosking

We Asked PETA If They’d Save the Dinosaurs in ‘Jurassic World’

We find out if PETA and vegans are any smarter than the folks in 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom'.
Noel Ransome
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The New 'Ready Player One' Trailer Is a Pop-Culture Onslaught

The trailer has Battletoads, Gundams, Lara Croft, Chuckie dolls, and a plot in there, somewhere.
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Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks Team Up Against Nixon in 'The Post' Trailer

Check out the first trailer for Steven Spielberg's upcoming film that follows the 'Washington Post' in the wake of the Pentagon Paper scandal.
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Watch the Trailer for HBO's Steven Spielberg Documentary

"Every time I start a new scene I'm nervous. When that verges on panic, I get great ideas."
VICE Staff
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OneRepublic’s New Song “A.I.” Featuring Peter Gabriel Is As Confusingly Mediocre As the Movie ‘A.I.’

Kubrick didn't die for this.
Phil Witmer

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, the GOP agrees to gun control votes after a 15-hour filibuster, Facebook is urged to give over information on Omar Mateen, Broadway stars will record a fundraising song for a Florida LGBT center, and more.
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NEWMAN!: The @Seinfeld2000 Wayne Knight Interview

The actor who played Newman on "Seinfeld" speaks with the universe's authority on all things Seinfeld."

The Jurassic Park Films Are As Much About Divorce as They Are About the Dangers of Playing God

Welcome to Jurassic Park, where the parents suck and the kids and dinosaurs have to fend for themselves.
Joe Pack

How 'Jurassic Park' Changed the DNA of Blockbusters

With the sequel, Jurassic World, just hitting the theaters, we take a look back at the franchise's debut to survey its impact on everything from CGI effects to an increased national interest in paleontology.
Rod Bastanmehr

Explore the Gross, Cultish 3D World of Worlds Inc. Before It's Lost Forever

Worlds Inc. is a company that runs and maintains a very basic 3D chat client first introduced in 1995 and has, over time, become a cesspool of the darker side of human nature.
Francis Murphy