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Dozens of People Still Missing After Earthquake Hits Central Philippines

Many are believed to be trapped under collapsed buildings.
Alia Marsha

Tourism Minister Says There Are No Gay People in Malaysia

"I don't think we have anything like that in our country," Datuk Mohammaddin bin Ketapi told German reporters.
Alia Marsha
Valentine's Day

These Artists From All Over the World Are Reimagining Valentine's Day

These visual artists want you to focus your attention on healthy relationships, self-care, and gender equality on the most romantic day of the year.
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drug smuggling

Philippine Customs Found $2 Million Worth of Drugs In Cans of Tomato Soup

It was almost a perfect disguise.
Alia Marsha

2018 Was the Best 1994 Since... Well... 1994

We're still deep in the throes of some serious mid-90s nostalgia.
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fishy industry

Most of the Tuna Caught in Southeast Asia Comes With Some Pretty Messed Up Baggage

Some of the world's top tuna exporters are in Southeast Asia, where standard, and labor practices, are horrific.
Alia Marsha

A Facebook Page Is Leading the Way In Thailand's #MeToo Conversation

Thaiconsent is a safe space for sexual harassment victims to share their stories, and an accessible resource for some tough talk about the harmful effects of rape culture.
Alia Marsha

Japanese Dad Arrested for Drifting Racing Tiny Pickup Truck for the 'Gram

Dad's got some skills.
Alia Marsha
The Business of Babies

Turns Out Your Baby Isn't as Cute as You Think

A talent scout for baby models tells us what it takes to be a little chubby-cheeked star in Indonesia.
Alia Marsha
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Night Stalkers: Villagers are Hunting for Packs of Wild Vampire Dogs In Indonesia

What the hell is going on?
Alia Marsha