Chicken Cordon Green Recipe

We call it "green" because it's stuffed with broccoli, as well as cheese and some mustard.

18 February 2019, 3:32pm

Photo by Heami Lee

Servings: 4
Prep time: 20 minutes
Total time: 1 hour 15 minutes


4 (8-ounce) pieces boneless and skinless chicken breast
1 head broccoli (about ¾ pound), trimmed and roughly chopped
¼ cup olive oil
6 tablespoons|100 grams unsalted butter
3 tablespoons|62 grams Dijon mustard
3 tablespoons|75 grams whole grain mustard
kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
8 ounces|230 grams grated gruyere cheese
1/3 cup|50 grams all-purpose flour
3 large eggs, lightly beaten
1 ½ cups|115 grams panko bread crumbs
8 slices thinly sliced ham
lemon wedges, for serving


1. Heat the oven to 375°F.

2. Place the broccoli in a food processor. Pulse until fine but not quite a paste.

3. Heat the 2 tablespoons oil and 2 tablespoons of the butter in a large cast-iron skillet over medium. Add the broccoli and cook until soft, 3 minutes. Remove from heat, stir in the mustards, and season with salt and pepper. Wipe the skillet clean and transfer the mixture to a small bowl to cool, then mix in the cheese.

4. Working with one chicken breast at a time, place the chicken in a large ziplock bag, leaving the bag open. Place the chicken on a cutting board and pound it using a meat tenderizer until it is about 1/4-inch thick. Remove the chicken from the bag, place it flat on a cutting board (with one of the short sides facing you), and season all over with salt and pepper. Repeat with the remaining chicken breasts.

5. Top each piece of chicken with 2 pieces of ham (trim any excess and top it on there) and smear ¼ of the broccoli mixture on the ham. Take the short end of the chicken breast and roll it up and over until you get to the end of the chicken.

6. Place the flour, eggs, and panko in three separate shallow dishes. Working with one piece of chicken at a time, dredge the chicken in the flour, coating completely, then the egg (allowing excess to drip off), then coat it completely in the panko. Transfer to a plate and repeat with the remaining pieces of chicken.

7. Melt the remaining oil and 2 tablespoons of the butter in the cast-iron skillet over medium-high. Working with 2 pieces of chicken at a time, cook, turning as needed, until golden all over, 4 to 5 minutes. Transfer the chicken to a plate and add the remaining 2 tablespoons butter to the skillet. Brown the remaining 2 pieces of chicken for another 4 to 5 minutes (turning as needed), then add the other 2 pieces of chicken back into the skillet. Pop the skillet into the oven and bake until the chicken is cooked through, 15 to 17 minutes. Serve with lemon wedges.

This article originally appeared on Munchies US.