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13 Gluten-Free Desserts that Actually Taste Good

Guess what? Not all gluten-free desserts taste like soggy cardboard.

by Munchies Staff
13 April 2018, 9:33am

Photo by Winona Barton-Ballentine from the Ovenly cookbook.

Whatever reason you have for avoiding gluten, you probably know that it makes finding sweet things difficult. Bakeries, coffee shops, and the dessert menu all become kind of sad experiences of watching everyone else have a great time without you. Like the colour has gone out of the world. Like you’re the only one in line for the club and your favourite song comes on but they won’t let you in. Well fuck those guys. You don’t need no bakery to validate you. You’ll be just fine on your own. (Apparently, all you gluten-free folks are getting laid more than everyone else anyway, so joke's on them!) MUNCHIES is here to support you on this new journey of independence from the pro-gluten tyranny of the world with these amazing desserts that you can add to your repertoire. Now you can throw your own sweet, sweet gluten-free party, and THOSE OTHER LOSERS AREN’T INVITED.

Believe it or not, you do not need flour to make peanut butter cookies. A simple combo of peanut butter, sugar, and eggs does the job just fine. The bakers at Ovenly add a little something extra with a garnish of chunky, flaky sea salt.

This rice pudding has a complex flavour profile, with cardamom, vanilla beans, mascarpone, lemon, and orange. But the sweet-tart cherry sauce puts it over the top.

Take cookie expert Dorie Greenspan’s baking tip for success with these ugly beauties: use an insulated baking sheet, or two stacked on top of each other, in order to not burn the bottoms before the insides are done.

The water ganache on this almond flour cake is so shiny and glossy it’s almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

All the joy of a pb&j sandwich, vastly improved by the substitution of ice cream for bread.

Bananas foster is one of the easiest desserts to throw together at a moment’s notice, with ingredients you’re likely to have lying around. Plus, you get to light something on FIRE.

A gluten-free flour with a 1 to 1 substitution ratio (look on the package, it should tell you this) works just as well as wheat flour in this recipe, and they’re vegan to boot.

Crème brûlée is a fancy AF dessert, and you can caramelise the crunchy sugar layer on top just as well by placing the ramekins under the broiler in your oven if you don’t have a blow torch.

You get to have all the sweet hominess of apple pie, none of the gluten-y crust.

No need to garnish this creamy chocolate mousse with graham crackers. Nuts or berries would do just as well.

Who said you can’t start your day with dessert? Or end your meal with breakfast? Time is a social construct, and you can eat this chia pudding whenever you damn well please.

Mincemeat is British for a mixture of dried fruits and spices. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting stuffing apples with ground beef, although technically that would also be gluten-free so you can go for it, I guess, but the fruit thing is definitely better.

Adding a savoury element to your dessert is highly underrated. These baked pears with tangy goat cheese and a balsamic-honey drizzle would also do well with some toasted walnuts crumbled over the top.

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