How I Learned to Deal With Stress After My Creative Escape Became My Job

As I started to make more money off of stand-up comedy, I had to find a new way to blow off steam.
Josh Gondelman
The Burnout and Escapism Issue

We’re All Burned Out and Trying to Escape It

Poor mental health is not unique to one generation, but Gen Y and Gen Z are connected and responsive 24/7. It’s no wonder they’re increasingly turning to drugs as an antidote to our digital dystopia.
Ankita Rao
Max Daly
The Burnout and Escapism Issue

Take a Trip through VICE Magazine's Latest Issue

The Burnout and Escapism Issue explores the correlation between mental health and the deep desire to escape from it all through drugs.
Ellis Jones
Own The Grind

Not Doing So Great, Actually: Stop Yourself from Burning Out

Here's how to recognise and prevent it.
Kate Jinx
new neighbours

New Neighbours: Young Refugees from Across Europe Guest Edit VICE.com

An introduction.
Elektra Kotsoni

What Does It Mean to Escape into Music?

When fighting doesn’t feel like an option, can music be a medicine through distraction?
Phil Witmer

Why Being an Introvert May Be Better for Your Mental Health

We value extroversion in education and work, but a recent study shows alone time may have earned an unnecessarily bad rep.
Jessica Brown

'Women and Wheels' Photos Capture Ladies Who Ride

See female motor vehicle enthusiasts portrayed by Milwaukee-based photographer and motorcyclist Sarah Vaun.
B. David Zarley
VICE vs Video games

I’ll Never Love a Console Like I Loved My Original Xbox

It was a beast, bigger than me, but even when it broke down and my grades were slipping, I stuck by Microsoft's first games console.
Sam White
VICE vs Video games

Dear Criterion, Can We Have a New ‘Burnout’, Please?

No racing series has combined speed with the raw thrill of wrecking shit quite like Criterion's boisterous baby.
Andrew Hollingsworth
VICE vs Video games

'The Crew' Is the Video Game Equivalent of the Great American Road Trip

So it's kind of annoying that you're expected to accomplish micro-challenges at the same time as exploring every inch of a truly spectacular gaming world.
Mike Diver