Trump Retweeted a Video with a Logo Linked to White Nationalism and Fascistic Vigilantes

The logo is a picture of a lion painted in red, white and blue.


ICYMI, Ann Widdecombe Doesn't Understand Either Slavery or Empire

This week, as we pit two of the worst takes against each other, neither Widdecombe nor Jonathan Pie care about context or… meaning.


Tom Waits’ New Song of Anti-Fascist Resistance Needed More Teeth

Waits and Marc Ribot's cover of the Italian partisans' anthem "Bella Ciao" should've honoured modern revolutionaries, not a milquetoast march.


I Tried to Eat Like an Italian Futurist and Learned that Fascism Isn't Delicious

One hundred years ago, an avant-garde group set out to transform meals into performance pieces. Were they any good?


The Creep of Fascism

How far-right rhetoric is becoming the new normal.


Britain First Is Campaigning to Change a Wiki Entry Calling it 'Fascist'

Famously, Wikipedia is a user-generated website that any member of the public can edit.


Nazis Explain Why They Became Nazis

In 1934, American writer Theodore Abel created a fake competition to trick hundreds of people into describing why they loved the Nazi Party so much. Their words seem worryingly relevant today.


This Is What Europe's Largest Nationalist March Looks Like

Sixty-thousand people marched through Poland's capital city in one of Europe's biggest nationalist demonstrations.


The Anti-Fascist Sex Workers Who Were Institutionalised for Challenging Mussolini

Sometimes it's left to some "ill-mannered" women to call out a fascist regime.


A Brief But Very Informative History of How Fascists Infiltrated Punk and Metal

Since the 1970s, fascists have been trying to push their ideology on punks and metalheads by cloaking it in esotericism and "free expression."


Scotland's Extreme Right-Wingers Are Now Backing Independence

It looks like the Scottish far-right are pretending to support independence to gain support for their creepy ideology.


10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Greek Anti-fascist

"I've asked myself the question whether I would punch a Nazi before, and concluded that yes, I would – and with pleasure."