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Dušan Tadić Has Transformed From Donkey to Messi

The Ajax number ten's talismanic performance against Real Madrid was a world away from his time at Southampton.
Hydall Codeen
2 days ago

Brand Twitter Is Absurd, and It Will Only Get Worse

SunnyD tweets about depression. Steak-umm is lonely. Wendy's is sassy. Do we actually want our brands to be that "human"?
Alex Norcia
3 days ago
Celebrity Brexit Intervention of the Week

Numb-Nuts Celebrity Brexit Intervention of the Week: Jurgen Klopp Is Sick as a Parrot

The Brexit conversation has become so cliched it sounds like a post-match interview.
Gavin Haynes

A Short History of Football Hooligans Using Weapons

This weekend, during a clash between Everton and Millwall fans, one fan had his face sliced from mouth to ear.
Nick Chester
Row Z

Say Goodbye to the Internet's Favourite Place to Illegally Watch Football

After a blissful few seasons, Reddit has finally acknowledged the monolithic TV rights-pyre burning in their back garden.
Hydall Codeen

I Want to Import British Football Hooliganism Into the US

We spoke to Derek "Diablo" Alvarez, who founded the Miami Casuals and plans to establish a joint US-UK unit to "get revenge against the Russians for what happened in Marseilles".
Nick Chester
enjoying things

The Singular Cool of Héctor Bellerín

In a league of nerds and losers, the Arsenal right-back stands out as the only genuinely cool player in the Premier League. Why?
Joel Golby

How the Football World Got Addicted to Transfer Gossip Dopamine

Do you tick all of the boxes listed here? If so, I am afraid to tell you: you are an addict.
Hydall Codeen

I Was Banned from Watching My Football Team, So Had to Find Another Way in

After receiving a three-year stadium ban, Max had to come up with a clever way to watch Hamburg.
Max von Sinnen
Row Z

​Last Night's Barclays Showdown Managed to Warp Time Itself

After a game so frantic and frenzied it felt like one between rival prisons, we saw a title-race-proper opening up.
Hydall Codeen
Row Z

Spare a Thought for the Special One

An obituary for Jose Mourinho.
Hydall Codeen
Row Z

The Premier League's Weirdest Player Is the Christmas Hero We All Need

An ode to Callum Paterson, Cardiff City's moustachioed wiggling weirdo.
Hydall Codeen