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'Freaky Dancing' Was the Original Acid House Fanzine

We spoke to Ste Pickford and Paul Gill about their ode to ecstasy, acid house and the Hacienda.
Daniel Dylan Wray
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Shaun Ryder Has Some Stories You Won't Believe

We spoke to the Happy Mondays and Black Grape frontman about drinking underage, going on the rob and the worst nights out he's ever had.
Daniel Dylan Wray

The Meaning of Life According to Bez

A few weeks back we met the Happy Mondays man in a Manchester hotel and life'll never be the same again
Josh Baines
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Thanks to This Blog, Old Haçienda Nightclub Sets Are Timeless and Available for Download

You've got the retrospective compilations, but now you know how those tracks sounded played to the floor.
Alexander Iadarola
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Forget The Haçienda, Konspiracy Was Manchester's Wildest Acid House Night Out

We look back on a short lived nightclub that was the real home of the Madchester underground.
Nick Chester
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The Secret Gangland History of the Haçienda Nightclub

The star of VICE's 'Walking Heavy' remembers his time at Manchester's most famous nightclub.
Louis Pattison
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Heller and Farley's Comprehensive History of Clubbing

The legendary duo escort us through their personal history of house music.
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Another Haçienda DJ's Selling off his Record Collection

The whole collection includes 8,000 records.
Michael Scott Barron
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Haçienda DJ Dave Haslam Sells Entire Record Collection to Seth Troxler

The Manchester maestro's blessed Seth with over 4000 records.
Josh Baines
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A Potted History of Dance Music on British Television: Disco Ducks and Acid Explosions

In the first of a three part series investigating how dance music and club culture invaded living rooms round the UK, Josh Baines charts the journey from disco to acid house on the small screen.
Josh Baines
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Months Before He Died, I Spent One Drunk Night Interviewing Tony Wilson

It was all going so well until he got mugged, my shoe filled with blood and I threw up on him

What Really Happened To Acid House?

"You felt like you were guiding wild horses"
Luke Bainbridge