3 days ago

This Global Map Shows You How Nature Benefits You Directly

The map displays how people all over the world receive benefits from the environment, and who is most likely to lose them due to land use issues and the climate crisis.


Wander Through 30 Rainbows of Light at This Festival

The annual light art festival covers London’s financial hub with innovative light art.


It Took Thousands of Hours to Create These Twisted Wire Sculptures

Each of Claude-Olivier Guay's transforming creations can take up to 1,000 hours of labor.


Dark Sci-fi Lies Behind The Cartoon Exterior of This Interactive Film

Director Evan Boehm's browser-based adaptation of Jeff Noon's 'Solace' contrasts playful interactivity with a sinister tale of addiction, soda, and the misuse of genetic technology.


Here's a Petaled Light That Responds to Human Movement

Patten Studio's 'Lift' imbues a lighting feature with organic-looking fluid movements.


[Premiere] 'East Atlanta Santa' Gucci Mane Goes CGI for Christmas

'Black Santa Thrives' this Christmas with FELT Zine’s latest holiday issue.


[Premiere] A Digital Living Space Predicts the Home of the Future

The Creators Project’s weekly release of the internet’s hottest virtual zine.


Are Today's Politicians Reptiles? Well, Politics Are Chameleonic

Varvara & Mar's interactive exhibition compares global politics to reptile skin.


A Cybernetic Dance Performance Explores the Future of Humanity

The “increasingly obsolete” human form gets propelled by technology in Backstage Academy’s interactive dance performance.


Body Painting and Performance Art Collide in 'SCAR CYMBALS'

Donna Huanca slathers naked bodies with paint, latex, and cosmetics to confront our reactions to flesh.


This Tiny Satellite Sculpture Is a Solar-Powered Synthesizer

Media artist ::vtol:: imagines a tiny satellite that measures the part of Earth’s atmosphere altered by humans.


An Interactive Installation Turns Its Spectators into Trash

Dutch artist Thijs Biersteker made an installation that creates your silhouette using real trash.