Lily Allen


In Being Honest, Lily Allen Makes it Easier For The Rest of Us

I found myself feeling many things when reading the popstar’s new memoir, 'My Thoughts Exactly', but mainly I felt relief.


Lily Allen is Ready to Be Seen Again

The real Lily Allen steps forward on 'No Shame', a banger-filled but breathtakingly sad document of depression, divorce and motherhood. We caught up with the singer to discuss what led her to LP 4, and what comes next.


Lily Allen Fans Told Us The Most Shameless Thing They've Ever Done

'No Shame' is out now, so we used this opportunity to speak about sex and vomit and more sex.


Jools Holland is Smashing It

The big man played piano for Lily Allen last night in a show that also featured Florence and the Machine and Young Fathers.


Lily Allen’s Back with Two Tender New Singles, “Higher” and “Three”

She also announced the release of her first album LP since 2014, 'No Shame', on June 8


Lily Allen’s "Trigger Bang" Is a Dark, Real Look at British Party Culture

If you've got three minutes, I beg you watch the video for the Giggs-featuring track.


Damn, Lily Allen's Back, and She's Got a Giggs Feature

"Trigger Bang," her first new track since 2014, is a fun pop flashback featuring UK rap's finest.


Lily Allen Covered Rufus Wainwright on an Anti-Trump Rework of "Going to a Town"

Sample lyric: "I'm so tired of you, America."


Why the Press Want to Stop Celebrities Like Me Talking About the Migrant Crisis

Lily Allen writes about her trip to Calais, which led to her being branded a "sobbing luvvie" on the front pages of the tabloids.


Lily Allen Visits Calais "Jungle" to Meet Refugees in New Short Doc

“We’ve bombed your country, put you in the hands of the Taliban, and now we're putting you at risk to get into our country.”


Here's What Artists Are Saying About the Painful Brexit Decision

J. K. Rowling has never "wanted magic more."


We Asked a Solicitor How Stalking Law Actually Works

When harassment crosses over from weird but endearing to creepy, why do laws in the UK seem slow to catch up and protect people?