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Damn, Lily Allen's Back, and She's Got a Giggs Feature

"Trigger Bang," her first new track since 2014, is a fun pop flashback featuring UK rap's finest.

Lily Allen's last album Sheezus came out in 2014, and she's been very quiet on the music front since then. To be fair, she has been busy trying to get people to give a shit about the global refugee crisis, and then being hurled with insults as a result. Empathy? In this economy?? Lol you tried. But anyway today she's broken her silence, and comes out of the gate with "Trigger Bang," featuring Giggs no less. Not bad for your first go at it in three years, huh?


"Trigger Bang" is a fun, low-key pop bop, which starts out with Giggs' verse, and then unfolds into a musing from Lily, looking back at the height of her fame (namedropping hangouts LA's Chateau Marmont and London's Chiltern Firehouse) with signature tongue-in-cheek wit and Lahndahn phrasing, never letting that rose-tint for the past get too heavy: "Anything went, I was famous / I would wake up next to strangers / Everyone knows what cocaine does / Numbing the pain when the shame comes, hey," she chirps.

With a catchy chorus and a toned-down, percussive instrumental, "Trigger Bang" is comfortably the sort of material Lily Allen should always have been making, and with Giggs elevating the cool stakes a little further, hopefully 2018 will see more cute jams from her in this mould.

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