Baba Stiltz Will Fuck You All The Way Up With His Sad, Warm Vibe

In an alternate universe DJ Koze and Julian Casablancas had a baby and brought him back here: to this reality, to flood your synapses.


Get Lost in Mazes Made from Famous City Maps

From Brooklyn to San Francisco, Michelle Chandra turns famous cities into tricky but beautiful mazes.


Visit Signal Gallery to Play a Game with No Name and No Rules

The works in Aidan Koch’s 'Iris' use enigmatic puzzles to explore something much greater.


Intricate Salt Mazes Laced with Serenity and Sorrow

Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto enters a trancelike state for hours to create his intricate installations.


Dissecting Parquet Courts' Surreal Stress Dreams About Endless Subways

Sean Yeaton is a brilliant bizarro and also the bassist of Parquet Courts. Whenever the band goes on tour, he has this recurring dream about a labyrinthine subway system and a vague destination he never reaches. We had an analyst interpret the...


Surreal Taxidermy Gets Suspended in a Plexiglass Labyrinth

In Denmark, David Altmejd organizes a diorama worthy of the Natural History Museum.


Someone Made a Corn Maze of Taylor Swift's Face

Are we out of the maze yet? Are we out of the maze!


Step Inside a Book Labyrinth Shaped Like Borges' Fingerprint

250,000 books were sculpted into a maze by artists Marcos Saboya and Gualter Pupo.


Bosch's 'Garden of Earthly Delights' Inspires an Augmented Reality App

It's an immersive take on the macabre masterpiece in Daft Design's latest iteration of 'Hermaton.'


Help Mini-Figurines Escape a Magnetic Table Maze

Spoiler alert: they can NEVER leave.


Crawl Through Empty Corridors of Famous Sci-Fi Spaceships

Serafín Álvarez's 'Maze Walkthrough' virtual architecture video game lets you tour the Death Star, the USS Enterprise, and more.


Lose and Find Yourself Inside This Glowing Light Labyrinth

Artist and architect Marco Zotes puts the "maze" in 'AMAZE' with a massive interactive installation that comes alive at night.