mental health

Why the Music Industry Should Follow This Label’s Mental Health Initiative

Royal Mountain Records’ pledge to extend benefits to its artists is a big deal.
Brad Garcia
Holy Shit

New Broken Social Scene Video Features a Toilet, a Metaphor for the Ages

But whom is flushing the entertainers away?
Sarah MacDonald
The Music Issue

Public Access TV, Sunflower Bean, Fat Tony, and Others Answer Some Personal Questions

We asked some of our favorite musicians a few personal questions. Here's what they told us.
VICE Staff
the vice reader

Bob Dylan Is the Perfect Nobel Winner

As a translator of one Nobel Prize contender and the former student of another, I'm not outraged. In fact, I think he's is the perfect choice.
Jennifer Croft
The Music Issue

Artists' Odes to Their Favourite Musicians

We asked some of our favourite photographers to create shrines to their favourite musicians. From Madonna to Chumbawamba, Eurythmics to Morrissey, these were the results.
Signe Pierce; Lauren Poor; Aileen Son; Paul Mpagi S

How (and Why) the Long-Form Music Video Is Making a Comeback

From Queen to Queen Bey, we explore the resurgence of the long-form music video.
Catherine Chapman
so sad today

Fuck Music, Let’s Talk About Feelings: FYF Fest

So Sad Today went to this year's festival to talk to musicians whose work is "sad," "dark," "nostalgic," or "melancholic" about what happiness is, what it means to them, and how to get it.
So Sad Today

Developers Are Gentrifying Vittoria Wharf. Here's How London Artists Are Fighting Back

Performers, musicians, small business owners and neighborhood residents are teaming up to stop gentrification.
DJ Pangburn

Bands Tell Us About the Worst Places They've Crashed While Touring

Glamorous tales of rotting crack houses and having your head used as a toilet.
Graham Isador
Longreads Or Whatever

Living With Tinnitus: I Find It Hard to Believe Silence Ever Existed

Tom Bellamy from the band Losers woke up one day with ringing in his ears. Five years on, we asked him to write about life with tinnitus.

Revolutionary Recording Techniques Are Bringing Bach Back

One contemporary classical musician's electronic counterfeit of Bach's fugues.
Abby Ronner

There's Nothing Weird About a Weird Al Marionette

Darren Moreash makes crafting rock'n'roll marionettes his artform.
Abby Ronner