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This Addictive New Game Is Like Minecraft, But with GIFs

'GIPHY World', an experimental new project from the internet GIF directory, is a trippy and fun new way to use GIFs.


Activists Are Projecting Digital "Calligraffiti" Onto Walls in Berlin

Combining traditional calligraphy with graffiti, the young art form comes to Germany with a mission.


This Virtual Reality Trip Inside an Artist's Body Is Like the Magic School Bus on Mushrooms

Go deep – real deep – with 'Self Portrait (Interior)' by Theo Triantafyllidis.


Enter an ‘Alien Afterlife’ Inside a Video Game Installation

Aliens and the Tibetan Book of the Dead collide in artist Jeremy Couillard’s latest new media installation.


Group Show in Turkey Aims to Turn a Gallery into a Non-social Non-space

Check out some of the mesmerizing video installations by artists Semiconductor and Onoformative.


The Horrors of Mass Death Are Visualized in This VR Experience

Ali Eslami’s latest award-winning immersive simulation does powerful things with data.


Are Today's Politicians Reptiles? Well, Politics Are Chameleonic

Varvara & Mar's interactive exhibition compares global politics to reptile skin.


Party Like an Art Star Under This Mind-Bending Virtual Dome in Miami

Artsy x Soundcloud were behind the multi-sensory bash in Mid-Beach.


These 8 Artists Bring Glitch Art into the Real World

From fashion to furniture, check out the makers taking inspiration from the glitch.


How One MFA Program Still Pioneers Digital Innovation, 30 Years Later

Established in 1986, the MFA Computer Art at the School of Visual Arts fosters creativity in animation, motion graphics and fine art.


These CGI Hunks Are Just Bags of Male Tears

Drag them, Croatian digital artist Marta Strazicic, drag them.


'There’s No Distance' Charts 15 Years of Evolving New Media Art

Studio art and performance art come together in an exhibition of Casey Reas’ work at bitforms gallery.