Stormfront Users Say Site Is Collapsing Because Founder's Wife Stopped Paying for It

The hate-filled white supremacist forum is switching to paying members only because of a "financial shortfall".


What the Hell Was That?

Trump's bizarre press conference was thick with the stench of failure.


Neo-Nazi to Troll Army: 'We Have to Be Sexy' at the Big Alt-Right Rally

In preparation for the Unite the Right rally, a prominent white supremacist is telling his followers how to dress.


David Duke's Former Campaign Manager Says Trump and the Former KKK Leader Are 'Identical'

"Clearly Duke's controversial views years ago have now become mainstream Republican values," said Michael Lawrence.


'Heil Trump': Members of the Alt-Right Are Looking Forward to a Whiter America

The alt-right's premiere think tank held a conference over the weekend to host some of the most famous white supremacists in the world. This is what they said.


Angry Nazis and Anti-Fascists Will Face Off in Dover on Saturday

A bunch of racists are holding a demonstration against refugees, so some anti-fascists are going to try to stop them.


New Poll Shows That Republican Voters Continue to Love Donald Trump

A Monmouth University poll found that Donald Trump was supported by 41 percent of Republican-leaning voters, a 28-percent lead over second-place Ted Cruz.


The Scottish Far-Right Held a Depressing Anti-Refugee Protest in a Tiny Village

They were outnumbered by people telling them to go away.


Calling Bullshit On the Anti-Refugee Memes Flooding the Internet

People are taking photos out of context to paint Syrian refugees fleeing war as cowardly, body-building jihadists.


An Anti-Islamic Protest in Melbourne Turned into a Brawl

A group called Reclaim Australia held a number of rallies over the weekend, and the one in Melbourne brought out a swarm of angry counter-protesters.


English Nazis Are Planning a 'White Man March' in Newcastle

A neo-Nazi group whose members have trained with knives are bringing their race-war to Newcastle.


Internet Neo-Nazis Are Trying to Build a White Supremacist Utopia in Namibia

They're sick of living with non-white people in the West, so they're trying to colonise Africa.