Spray Paint


A Huge Gold Installation Flips the New York Stock Exchange Upside Down

David Spriggs explores cultural associations with the colour gold in an ephemeral installation.


Pixels Dance in a Massive Video Installation at the New York City Ballet

His towering video installation is at Lincoln Center through February.


Massive Spray Paintings Turn Tagger Tools into Fine Art Ammo

Katharina Grosse's energetic paintings owe the tagger's aerosol bottle for its unique textures.


Finally: A Documentary on Female Graffiti Artists

For the past three years, Alexandra Henry has traveled the world filming and interviewing an all-female group of graffiti stars.


Kabul’s Female Graffiti Master on the Power of Art

Shamsia Hassani breaks rules and spray paints buildings in her quest to bring art to Kabul.


The Silent Protest of Post-Soviet Graffiti

Alexis Lerner's 'Post-Soviet Graffiti' site is like the "Meanwhile, in Russia..." for activist street art.


Police Think a Man Is Trying to Frame Black Lives Matter for Vandalising His Truck

Texan Scott Lattin reported that "Black Lives Matter" was spray-painted across the side of his truck in retaliation for "Police Lives Matter" being displayed in his rear window. Cops say the story doesn't add up.


Enter the Optical Illusion Graffiti Void

Don't worry—you can't actually fall down these rabbit holes.


Street Artist Exposes Spy Chiefs on City Walls

"Italian Banksy" Paolo Cirio has his eyes on the big guys... in a city near you.


Live Projection Muralists Take Over an English Woodland

'Into The Woods' is the first chapter in artist duo Stylus' newest projection mural escapades.


Drone Vandalism Is Here and Its First Victim Is Kendall Jenner

Hey, at least she's getting attention.


Spray Paint's Video for 'Do Less Thing' Is Unashamedly Garage Rock

The video is a pastiche of old VHS recordings from the 80s and 90s, and its the perfect thing to spend two minutes watching on a cold winter day.