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Your Star Sign Apparently Affects What Kind of Porn You Like

There's a zodiac filter on YouPorn now, which matches you to porn stars based on your birthday, so we gave it a go.
Daisy Jones

How to Date People Who Are Into Astrology

"One guy said he didn't like me sending him astrology memes because they highlighted the parts of himself he dislikes the most."
Daisy Jones
All the Shit

All the Shit That's About To Go Down During Scorpio Season

It's literally named after an eight-legged carnivorous arthropod who has a deadly weapon attached to its body – take from that what you will.
Daisy Jones
All the Shit

All the Shit That's About to Go Down During Libra Season

There’s a reason Libra season happens right before cuffing season, baby.
Daisy Jones
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The Astrologers Who Try to Solve Murders Using Birth Charts

Or, what happens when you interest in astrology links up with your true crime obsession.
Nana Baah
love island 2k18

We Asked an Astrology Nerd to Analyse the 'Love Island' Couples' Star Signs

For content, for love.
Lauren O'Neill

The Secret of the Gemini

Basically every famous musician is one. What does this mean and what can we take from it?
Ryan Bassil

Wake Up! Traingate Is an Illuminati Conspiracy

Or a false flag operation, or the work of an Unknown Power. We need the full facts and we need them now.
Sam Kriss
First Dates

A First Date With... Kranium

My conversation with the New York dancehall star quickly went from star signs to dancehall, then to our marriage plans and future baby names.