White Privilege


The Disturbing Thing I Learned Studying White Privilege and Liberals

I found a blind spot in my empathy, and our study confirmed it.


Why I Was Never Excited for a Black James Bond

Simply copying and pasting black skin on a white character would trivialise the whole point of a black Bond.


Want to Heal Yourself from 'Toxic Whiteness'? This Class Can Help

The people behind publication Everyday Feminism are offering a course that aims to educate people of privilege so "individual people of colour don't have to".


The Bros, Heaving Bars and Warm Beer of St Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day in Manhattan is a calamity, a demolition derby of male ego and the limits of human biology.


White People Talk About Their White Privilege

The point is not whether we choose to acknowledge or ignore the impact of race, but how white privilege defines all aspects of American life.


Living with Post-Katrina Survivor's Guilt

While others lost everything, I stayed in FEMA-funded hotel rooms and lapped up pity from those who saw my Louisiana license plate. Instead of character, all I got out of Katrina was a party-friendly anecdote.


Did I Get Away with Drug-Dealing Charges Because I'm White?

I used to deal various drugs to my classmates, their friends and kids as young as 14. I was supposed to go to state prison, but I didn't.