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Driving a Tank Is a Bizarre Power Trip

Why would anyone want to drive a decommissioned tank around the countryside of what used to be East Germany? Why not?
Zach Sokol

Photos Taken While Cold and Alone in Kraków, Poland

Last year, I went to Poland to film a documentary about an experimental music festival. I'd recently gone through a breakup, and as a result, I found myself photographing sad-lad scenes.
Zach Sokol

Explaining the Bizarre World of British Nightlife to Americans

British nightlife is a beautiful free-for-all of internet drugs, Wavey Garms girls, illegal raving, and regretful sex. But to the American outsider, it can seem confusing.
Francisco Garcia & Zach Sokol

We Got Star Wars Newbies to Review 'The Force Awakens'

According to them it features "giant metal dogs" and is sort of like Adele, Karl Ove Knausgaard, Disneyland and 'Top Gun'.
VICE Staff

An Englishman Explains Thanksgiving to Americans

"I can't believe you actually say what you are thankful for. That's the most saccharine American shit I've ever heard in my life.​"
Zach Sokol

Meet the Lawyer Who Defends Brooklyn's Underground Arts Scene

From Teklife to a digital arts collective, Anibal Luque has made a career out of helping DIY artists and alternative entrepreneurs navigate the often-complicated legal snags that come with starting a business.
Zach Sokol
The Road to Nowhere Issue

Photographs of the Underwater Telecommunication Cables Tapped by the NSA

Trevor Paglen took a literal deep dive into government surveillance for his latest project.
Zach Sokol
Ink Spots

'Foundations' Magazine Spotlights On-Point Artists Before They Blow Up

We spoke with the founders of Foundations, a biannual arts magazine that always gives you something fresh to talk about.
Zach Sokol

Inside the New York Art Space That's Been Turned into an Alternate-Reality Urban Wasteland

We talked to artist duo Freeman/Lowe and musician Jennifer Herrema about their latest multimedia mindfuck, 'Scenario in the Shade.'
Zach Sokol

Is New York Getting Too Loud, or Are New Yorkers Just Too Whiny?

Noise complaints in NYC are way up this summer, but it's not clear the decibel levels are actually rising.
Zach Sokol

The Man Who Found the Man Who Broke the Music Business

We talked with Stephen Witt, author of the book How Music Got Free, about finding the patient zero of album leaks. Or, as Witt describes him, "the guy who destroyed the music industry to afford to put souped-up rims on his car."
Zach Sokol

The Prime Minister of Dick Is the Best Penis Artist on Earth

Meet the Prime Minister of Dick, or PMD for short. He's a South African artist who "slings dicks and dicktures" for a living – i.e. absurd, surreal and sometimes brilliant illustrations of penises.
Zach Sokol