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Nervous Recs

I'm Filling the 'Last Dance'-Shaped Hole in My Life With More Basketball Docs

The ESPN docuseries is over, but my need for more compelling stories from the court is insatiable.
Alex Zaragoza

'How to Build a Girl' Is Revolutionary in Letting a Teen Girl Make Mistakes

VICE spoke to star Beanie Feldstein, writer Caitlin Moran, and director Coky Giedroyc about why young girls need to be "given the space to fail."
Alex Zaragoza

Bernie Sanders' Red Hot Chili Peppers Poster: An Investigation

The senator appeared in a committee hearing to discuss COVID-19, and we are once again asking where he got his sick RHCP poster.
Alex Zaragoza
celebrity beefs

'Vanderpump Rules' Is Robbing Us of the Fofty Beef

Let's revisit the feud that put Lala Kent, Randall Emmett, and 50 Cent in the Celebrity Messiness Hall of Fame (since Bravo wont).
Alex Zaragoza

How the Music of 'The Last Dance' Brought the 90s Back to Life

VICE spoke to the ESPN doc's music supervisor about why watching Michael Jordan dunk to Prince's "Partyman" is so gratifying.
Alex Zaragoza
You Had Me at Hell No

'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days': Great Rom-Com, Terrible Advice

We dive into the now-classic Kate Hudson-Matthew McConaughey rom-com where love triumphs over journalistic ethics.
Alex Zaragoza

Will Coronavirus End Reality TV As We Know It?

As society changes to fight the spread of COVID-19, our days of watching 25 women make out with one bachelor may be over.
Alex Zaragoza
Nervous Recs

'About Time' Has Zero Mean People or Dark Plot Twists, and Lord I Need That

The 2013 time travel rom-com is a great emotional cleanse for in between rewatches of 'The Sopranos' and 'Breaking Bad.'
Alex Zaragoza

Michael Jordan's Huge Baggy Suits Are the MVP of 'The Last Dance'

ESPN's 10-part documentary series is a deep dive into the Chicago Bulls' game-winning dynasty, but the real stars are the giant suits.
Alex Zaragoza

The Only Theater Screening New Movies Is a Drive-In in Ocala, Florida

The owner of the Ocala Drive-In told VICE why people still need a place to see 'Trolls World Tour.'
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not an ad

Not an Ad: In Isolation, I Long for the Aisles of Marshalls and TJ Maxx

Like a war wife, I stare out of my window yearning to once again mindlessly peruse the discount designer goods I definitely don't need.
Alex Zaragoza
We Reviewed Literally Whatever You Sent Us

We Reviewed Literally Whatever You Sent Us, Volume 26

You came through with the Vessel, clown carnival murder music, and [checks notes] a Shaquille O'Neal pregnancy test.
Trey Smith
Ashwin Rodrigues
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Drew Schwartz