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What I Learned From Getting Fired by L'Oréal After Speaking Out Against Racism

Munroe Bergdorf was L'Oréal's first black trans model. She tells Broadly what it was like to be fired by the cosmetics giant after her Facebook post on white supremacy went viral.
Munroe Bergdorf

Dear Ivor Novellos: You Can't Celebrate Diversity in Music Without Tackling Race

Last week the songwriting award nominations were heralded for including artists like Laura Mvula and Michael Kiwanuka—but it's not that simple
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Why Cheerleading Deserves to be Recognized as an Olympic Sport

Last year, cheerleading received provisional recognition as an Olympic sport. As a fierce physical and mental challenge, this was no less than it deserved – and full recognition should follow.
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Question Of The Day

Let's Be Honest, Should We Just Ban All Kids from Restaurants?

We asked the good people of east London whether or not the idea of banning kids from your restaurant is legit.
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What Kind of Housing Will ‘Generation Rent’ Be Able to Actually Afford?

If we're probably never going to afford to buy in major cities, we'll need to start weighing up other options in all their shiny glory.
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Inside Facebook's Totally Adorable, Kind of Racist Mixed Race Baby Community

Thousands of people have signed up to Instagram and Facebook communities to celebrate the beauty of multiracial children. But not everyone is convinced that they have the purest intentions at heart.
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Why Won't the UK Legalize Ketamine as an Antidepressant?

People have been taking the dissociative anesthetic as a treatment for mental health illnesses for years, but there are specific roadblocks holding it back from widespread medicinal use.
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A Dermatologist Explains the Science Behind the 'Black Don't Crack' Stereotype

How true is the cliche? I asked experts (including my mom) whether black women age better.
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Scots Are Angry Because an Artist Is Getting a $22,000 Grant to Stay in Glasgow for a Year

Ellie Harrison's art project "The Glasgow Effect" is a complex "‘action research’ project/durational performance," but to some people it seems like she's getting free money to live where she already lives.
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Black Women Have to Put Up with Bullshit Beauty Standards

We spoke to Natalie Bullock Brown, who's creating a documentary that dissects the messages black women receive about beauty.
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Women of Color Get No Love on Tinder

Out of the hundreds of conversations I've had on the app, about half of them have involved a man tokenizing me for my ethnicity.
Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff