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climate change

COVID and Climate Change Have Put California Firefighters and Residents at Risk

How can evacuees and fire crews be expected to social distance during this wildfire season?
Izzie Ramirez
climate change

Photos: These People Gave Their Homes Back to Nature After Hurricane Sandy Destroyed Them

Instead of choosing to rebuild their homes, some Oakwood Beach residents opted to be part of a managed retreat.
Izzie Ramirez
Tipping Point

The Climate Movement Needs to Make Teens of Color Feel More Welcome

When I joined the climate movement, I thought there would be swaths of students of color like me. That wasn't the case.
Cynthia Leung

Climate Change Will Create 1.5 Billion Migrants by 2050 and We Have No Idea Where They'll Go

The climate crisis has already created millions of invisible refugees and could create up to 1.5 billion more in the next 30 years. But under international law no country is obliged to take them in.
Izzie Ramirez

How to Cancel Spotify Premium

If you're through using Spotify Premium, here's how you can unsubscribe.
Izzie Ramirez

How to Cancel Your Equinox Gym Membership

If you want to boycott Equinox for its ties to Donald Trump, here's how.
Izzie Ramirez

How to Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership (and Why You Should)

Here’s how to stop financially supporting a monopoly.
Izzie Ramirez

'There Is Still Hope': Photos From an Emergency Protest Against Trumpcare

Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were among the crowd rallying to vote down the American Health Care Act.
Izzie Ramirez