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This Book Highlights the Forgotten Women of History

Anita Sarkeesian and Ebony Adams talk about their new book, a look at 25 groundbreaking women that are largely left out of text books.
VICE Staff

'I'm Choosing to Live Again': Anita Sarkeesian on Surviving Online Abuse

Anita Sarkeesian, who has been the target of vicious and coordinated online attacks since Gamergate, sits down with host Amanda Knox to discuss how she handles harassment today for The Scarlet Letter Reports.
Amanda Knox

The Legacy of Feminist Frequency's Tropes vs Women Series

When Anita Sarkeesian asked for $6,000 in 2012, she couldn't have predicted what would happen in the years to come.
Patrick Klepek

Feminist Frequency Explores the Gaming Trope of 'Women-As-Reward'

Anita Sarkeesian is back with another video about women in gaming.
Rachel Pick
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Ten Things I Love About Video Games in 2015

From indies shutting out major studios for awards to terrific facial hair and small-portion servings, here's what's awesome in games right now.
Mike Diver
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This Was the Week in Video Games

Anita Sarkeesian isn't taking your games away, but she does have ideas on what they should be in the future.
Mike Diver

Let’s Call Female Online Harassment What It Really Is: Terrorism

If we want to make the internet a safer space for women, we need to start by recognizing the threats they face there for what they actually are.
Anne Thériault
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Merry Christmas, GamerGate

Only four or so months ago, GamerGate didn't even really exist. But at the end of 2014, it feels like that's all the year's been about.
Mike Diver
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GamerGate Hate Affects Both Sides, So How About We End It?

Not everyone who wants change in the gaming press is gunning for feminists—the most vocal violence is being preached by a minority group of militant anti-equality nuts. Is there an end to the hate that has plagued both sides of GamerGate?
Mike Diver
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Does Someone Have to Actually Die Before GamerGate Calms Down?

The "controversy," to date, has taught us nothing except that a few dudes on the internet are horrible and have no shame.
Mike Diver

Meet the Grand Theft Auto Pacifist

Back in January, a YouTube user by the name of "goldvision" quietly unveiled <em>Grand Theft Auto Pacifist</em>, an ongoing project in which he attempts to navigate the latest installment of the famously nihilistic sandbox franchise "in a manner...
Charlie Lyne

Do We Have to Worry About Someone Actually Killing or Raping a Feminist Activist?

To understand more about what’s been going on in the world of online feminist bashing, I spoke with David Futrelle, who has tracked anti-feminism and the Men’s Rights Movement on his blog We Hunted the Mammoth.
Chris Köver