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Awful Video Shows MAGA Moms Teaching Toddlers to Hate Muslims at a Mosque

"The Muslims are nothing but devil satan worshippers."
Drew Schwartz
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Murder at America's Border: The Story of an Anti-Immigration Vigilante

VICE visits an Arizona border town to explore the patriotic undercurrents that allegedly motivated a Minutemen leader's cold-blooded crime.
VICE Staff
The Tight Squeeze Issue

Will Trump Change the Way Immigrants Love?

"We have sex a lot less often, and I think it's because we're in our heads a lot, thinking about the current situation."
Ana Cecilia Alvarez
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Teachers Report Spike in Trump-Related Harassment at Schools

Ninety percent of the 10,000 teachers, administrators, and counselors who responded to the survey reported that the election has had a "negative impact" on students.
Lauren Messman
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What People in Border States Say About the Future of Immigration

Donald Trump's anti-immigration rhetoric has hurt him in the states that would be the site of his long-promised wall.
Joel Mathis

How America Lets Down the Children of Immigrants

A new book explores how being a teen in the United States is way harder when your parents are immigrants.
Seth Ferranti

Soldiers of Odin, Europe’s Notorious Anti-Immigration Group, Is Beginning to Form Cells in Canada

Over the last two months chapters have popped up in provinces all across the country. We infiltrated one of their meetings in Alberta.
Mack Lamoureux
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Whatever Happened to Arizona's Minutemen?

The homegrown border militia had thousands of members in the mid-2000s. Today, the group has splintered into several rival factions, many of which still regularly patrol the border.
Meredith Hoffman
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What do Londoners Think 'Get Australian' Actually Means

In the lead up to the British general election, anti-immigrationists are calling on the nation to "get Australian" with border policy. We asked some people in the street what they think this means.
VICE Staff

What Republicans Really Mean When They Talk About Immigration

It's easy to chalk up the GOP's hard right midterm turn on immigration to conservative fearmongering and vague doomsday panic, that's not the whole story.
Livia Gershon

Unfortunately, Kevin McCarthy Is the Best House Majority Leader We Could Have Hoped For

We were glad to see Cantor go, and his replacement in the leadership, Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, was announced yesterday. McCarthy will be a step up in my book, and there are some real bright sides to his replacing Eric Cantor, but that's really not...
Mike Pearl

We Asked an Expert What Would Happen if Every Immigrant Left the UK

The government would likely have to order people to have more kids.
Michael Allen