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ESPN Postpones Airing 'Apex Legends' Tournament Because of Mass Shootings

After Walmart pulled signage for violent video games, ESPN and ABC will not air a competitive tournament for Respawn Entertainment's popular battle royale shooter.


'Apex Legends' Knows Its Genre Is a Winner-Take-All Fight for Attention

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You Know 'Apex Legends' Is Huge Because It Has a Porn Parody

Porn company Wood Rocket is taking on EA's battle royale shooter 'Apex Legends,' cementing its relevancy.


'Apex Legends' Cheating Will Be a Problem as Long as Cheat Sellers Make Money

Developer Respawn Entertainment banned 355,000 players for cheating. They say they’re just getting started.


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We Fly the 'Sunless Skies' and Drop into 'Apex Legends'

Always drop in Skull Town.


'Apex Legends' Is Not 'Titanfall 3,' But It's Still Great

EA’s new battle royale game is all about the joy of movement, teamwork, and fantastic superpowers.


There's Something For Everyone in Today's Waypoint Radio

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