Apex Legends Patch Fixes Critical Issue: Its Extremely Loud Title Screen

Now you no longer have to immediately regret putting on your headphones before you open the game.
February 3, 2021, 2:00pm
Apex Legends character Crypto, logging onto a computer while touching his ear.
Image: Respawn

Apex Legends players, rejoice: the title screen of the game will no longer shatter your eardrums.

Apex Legends combines vibrant characters with a battle to the death, battle royale format. The first casualty when you open the game is yourself, as the musical sting and sound effect that plays when the Respawn logo shows on the screen is so painfully loud it's the most violent thing in the game.

This has been a persistent issue with Apex Legends. Players have been complaining about the volume of the title screen since at least March 2019, and it's come up a few times this past year. Just speaking for myself, whenever I've started up the game with headphones on, I've regretted it. If I don't put my headphones on, it sends my cat running from the room.

"I am tired of having to take off my headset when I start the game because of how loud the volume is when you start the game and the initial splash screen comes up, alternatively, I am tired of having my ears and hearing blown away," one player wrote on Reddit. "Changing volumes either in game or in Windows doesn't change the volume of this either. Either you put in an option for it or you turn it down, it doesn't have to be 100 decibel compared to the other game sounds."

All that is hopefully in the past. I just opened the game up three times, and noted that not only does the opening splash screen seem quieter, it matches the volume of the rest of the game rather than being inexplicably louder than it. Sure, the opening screen now features an explosion and a guitar chord, but at least the volume of those things are not somehow louder than shooting a gun from a first person perspective.

Motherboard reached out to Respawn for comment about the volume of their splash screen but they did not immediately respond to request for comment.