Arizona State University


Space Becomes Affordable If Your Spacecraft Is 3 Centimetres Small

Arizona State University’s “SunCubes” are under 100g, making a launch affordable even for hobbyists.


Diet-Shaming Just Makes People Eat More Junk

It would seem that food warnings actually “backfire” and make unhealthy foods even more appealing to dieters.


NASA Declares 'Mystery Solved' as Evidence of Flowing Water Is Found on Mars

NASA said "there is liquid water today on the surface of Mars," yet a lead author of the paper on the discovery said that the agency made the announcement "a little bit over-the-top."


Getting Married Means the End of Your Heavy Drinking Days

New research shows that getting hitched can be a major factor in reducing heavy drinking, even for those who just can't seem to let go of their love of the bottle.


Chomsky and Krauss: Why Send Humans to Space When We Can Send Robots?

The two prominent public intellectuals argue manned missions are essentially political posturing that yield little science.


Medical Marijuana License Is No Shield Against Felony Possession Charges on University Campuses

Medical Marijuana user Andre Maestas is charged with felony possession of pot on Arizona State University's campus, even though medical marijuana is legal in the state


Teaching Robots to Appreciate Poetry

Turning metaphor into metadata.


China Might Be Killing Off a Pikachu-Like Animal For No Reason

Officials' effort to eliminate pikas — deemed a pest — for nearly 50 years could be harming an important ecosystem, say scientists.


An Iraqi Painter Moved to America for a Better Life and Got Robbed Anyway

Iraqi immigrant Bassim Al-Shaker has been beaten up and burglarized for the art he creates, which are mostly oil paintings of landscapes and horses.


You Should Be Able to Talk Back to the Police Without Getting Assaulted

An Arizona State University professor was thrown to the ground by a rookie cop after a routine interaction got out of hand—and it's the civilian getting charged with assault in the aftermath.