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A Family Got Beat Up at Six Flags After Asking Some Teens Not to Swear

Instead of moving somewhere else or, you know, just avoiding saying "shit," the teens "sucker-punched" a 12-year-old and beat his family to the ground.
River Donaghey
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Viral Trump Fan Would Have Taken Trump 'to the Shed' for That Second Amendment 'Joke'

But Trump still has his vote.
VICE Staff

Three Girls Charged in Death of Classmate After Video Captures Beating in School

Sixteen-year-old AmyJoyner-Francis died after three of her peers assaulted her at school—and early reports indicate the attack was premeditated.
Cole Kazdin
college football

Top-20 Mississippi State Football Signee Seen Punching Woman in Video, Issues Apology

The five-star recruit is seen pummeling a woman on the ground.
Liam Daniel Pierce

What It's Like to be a Rohingya Refugee for 23 Years

"I am not a citizen of any country. The Myanmar government says I am not Burmese, I am not Bangladeshi, and I'm not Australian."
Mojib as told to Lauren Gillin

British Kids Are Still Being Subjected to Violent 'Exorcisms'

Eight-year-old Victoria Climbié was tortured and killed almost 15 years ago because her great-aunt believed she was possessed. Despite the introduction of new government policy following her death, little seems to have changed.
Hussein Kesvani

We Made a Cartoon About the Rob Ford Jailhouse Beating Allegations

A second Rob Ford crack tape has emerged, and this time there are screenshots. Robbie was allegedly smoking crack in his sister's basement this past weekend. This is the same sister whose ex-boyfriend, Scott MacIntyre, is suing Rob Ford for having his...
VICE Canada
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Hey Ron! - Am I Watching Too Much Porn?

There are probably a few people at VICE with sticky keyboards. Those are the co-workers I won't shake hands with.
Ron Hemphill
The Catholic Guilt Issue

Vice Comics

"That footage is gonna reek of beagle-jaw!"
Jesse McManus