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Joe Biden Has a Fortress in the South

The former vice president has a 20-point lead among black voters, and that's huge in Georgia and South Carolina.
Daniel Newhauser
7 minutes ago

Sanders and Warren Left Sex Workers Out of Their Criminal Justice Plans

It's a glaring omission from the 2020 frontrunners, advocates say.
Marie Solis
19 hours ago
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Is the First Candidate to Call for Ban on Facial Recognition

The Democratic candidate for president published a criminal justice overhaul plan on Sunday which called, among other things, for a ban on the government use of facial recognition.
Caroline Haskins
2 days ago

Bernie Sanders Sent a Bunch of Pizzas to the Coal Miners Blocking a Train in Kentucky

They're protesting about millions’ worth of unpaid wages from their former employer, Blackjewel.
Alex Lubben
2 days ago

Watch Cardi B and Bernie's Long-Awaited Video Collab

In the 12-minute-long video, the two discuss police brutality, immigration, health insurance, and eliminating student debt.
Bettina Makalintal

Bernie Sanders Promises to Tell Us About Aliens if He's Elected President

On the Joe Rogan Experience, Sanders said that if he learns anything about aliens, he'll announce it to the public on Rogan's podcast.
Jason Koebler

Bernie Talks Like a Jewish Man from Brooklyn and You Need to Get Over It

After the Democratic debates, many critiqued Sanders for appearing "angry." Some American Jews, however, saw the comments as ignorant or even anti-Semitic.
Leila Ettachfini
democratic debates

Mayor Pete Would Like to Remind Everyone That He Is Quite Young and Bernie Is Not

The youngest candidate in the race took every opportunity during the Democratic debate to remind people that's he's 37 years old.
Trone Dowd
democratic presidential debates

Tuesday's Democratic Debate Turned Into a 10-Person Brawl. Here Are the Spiciest Swipes.

Featuring Elizabeth Warren literally rubbing her hands together with glee at the thought of taxing John Delaney's $65 million fortune.
Tim Marcin
democratic presidential debates

Warren and Sanders to the Centrists: Move Left or Go Home

Tuesday's debate was a proxy battle between the progressive wing of the party and the centrist "corporate" wing.
Daniel Newhauser
Cameron Joseph

Ten Memorable Moments from a Surprisingly Savage Democratic Debate

Standouts included Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and... Marianne Williamson?
Alex Norcia
democratic debate

Elizabeth Warren Just Put the Smackdown on Moderate Democrats

Sen. Elizabeth Warren responded to attacks from moderate John Delaney with fire.
Morgan Baskin