Bernie Sanders

2 days ago

Don't Tell AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib Their Bernie Endorsement Isn't Feminist

It’s safe to assume women of color don't need white feminists to explain which candidate best supports their principles.

4 days ago

The Democrats Unfriended and Blocked Silicon Valley Last Night

The Democrats agree: Big Tech is a problem.

4 days ago

Last Night's Debate Proved Elizabeth Warren Is the New Democratic Front-Runner

The attacks clearly rattled the Massachusetts Democrat, but she proved she can take a punch, or two.

4 days ago

Bernie Sanders Is Banking On the Power of the Squad

Three of the four most visible new faces in Washington are endorsing Senator Sanders.

5 days ago

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Endorsing Bernie Sanders

A coveted endorsement from a celebrity in the Democratic Party.

5 days ago

No More Mr. Nice Mayor Pete

The presidential candidate took on Warren, Gabbard, and O’Rourke in Tuesday's debate.

5 days ago

Elizabeth Warren Won't Say the Word ‘Taxes’ When She Talks About Medicare for All

She'd rather talk about total "costs" to Americans.


Elizabeth Warren’s New Labor Plan Is Good. Bernie Sanders’ Is Better.

The Sanders campaign tackles one critical labor issue that Warren leaves untouched: at-will employment.


Inside Bernie’s Fight to Stay Close in Iowa

Bernie Sanders is losing ground in the polls and now is sidelined by health issues. He’s not worried about Iowa — but should he be?


Bernie Sanders Cancels Campaign Events After Heart Procedure

The presidential candidate just had two stents inserted after physicians found a blocked artery.


Bernie Sanders’ War With CEOs Making Bank Just Got Real

Sanders new tax plan would punish companies whose chief executive makes 50 times more than the average worker


A Long, Weird Convo with the Hardline Trotskyist Running a 2020 Campaign That Makes Bernie Look Centrist

"I'm a full-time professional revolutionary. I'm not a reformed socialist, like Bernie Sanders."