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86-Year-Old Wanted a Free Panera Birthday Bagel, Got Sextortion Emails Instead

"I said this is the most bizarre thing I've ever seen, and I have to go tell all my water aerobics buddies about this letter."
Jelisa Castrodale

After Wave of Complaints, Instagram Tests New Methods to Recover Hacked Accounts

Motherboard previously reported how hackers were holding high-profile Instagram accounts for ransom, and how some influencers had to turn to white-hat hackers for help.
Joseph Cox
mueller report

Everything the Mueller report says about the infamous, probably nonexistent "pee tape"

As it turns out, it's still "unverified."
Emma Ockerman
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Jeff Bezos Says the 'National Enquirer' Tried to Extort Him with a Dick Pic

The Amazon mogul responded with a viral Medium post denouncing the whole scheme.
Harry Cheadle

Hackers Are Holding High Profile Instagram Accounts Hostage

Hackers have hijacked the accounts of at least four high profile Instagrammers recently, locking them out and demanding a bitcoin ransom. But Instagram is silent.
Joseph Cox
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Scammers Threaten to Review Bomb a Travel Company Unless it Pays Ransom

Twitter bots, fake reviews, and Instagram comments are the tools of a black hat SEO extortion attempt.
Joseph Cox

Hackers Made Half a Million Dollars Pretending They Watched You Watch Porn

Scammers tricked victims to pay ransom in bitcoin for compromising video that didn't exist.
Joseph Cox
Face Time

When Your Arrest Photo Appears on a Mugshot Website

Lawmakers are cracking down on sites like and At such a mushrooming online nexus of extortion and blackmail, will the legislation make any difference?
Anjali Nayar
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Watch Cambridge Analytica’s CEO Offer to Entrap Political Opponents With Sex Workers

Secret video of Cambridge Analytica’s top executives reveals how the firm covertly and unethically influences elections around the world.
Sarah Emerson

'Milky Maniac,' Today's Comic by Brian Blomerth

After shooting a milk bandit in the leg, the local cop blackmails Yorna into helping him get out of going to jail.
Brian Blomerth

'Damocles.jpg,' Today's Comic by Matias San Juan

Find out what horrible decision led a bad actor down an even worse path.
Matias San Juan

Scammers Are Reportedly Using Gay Hookup Apps to Blackmail Users

A few men in Australia have reportedly been threatened with extortion after going to meet users from the app in person. Sometimes, the altercations have turned violent.
Brian Moylan