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There Are Nearly 1,000 Chemicals in Our Food That Have Never Been Tested for Safety

Why the FDA and the EPA aren't set up to protect us from contaminants in the food we eat.
Kristin Lawless
Eat This

Rich People Know Less About Nutrition Than They Think

When surveyed on a variety of food topics, wealthy people fared no better—and sometimes worse—than their lower-earning peers.
Douglas Buhler
Sheril Kirshenbaum
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Am I Going to Get Cancer From My Microwave?

Probably not, but take the plastic off that damn Hot Pocket.
Joanne Spataro
Fighting Words

Removing Glyphosate from Our Food Won't Make Us Safer

The most commonly used herbicide in the world is not worse than the things it would be replaced with.
Jenny Splitter

Another Way the Feds Punish Legit Cannabis Growers: Electricity Rates

At least in Skamania County, WA.
Michael Byrne

This Is Why Leaving Water Out Overnight Doesn't Make It Go Bad

It's no secret that a glass of water left out overnight tastes like crap the next morning. And while you might think that you're water has gone off, it's probably not going to make you sick. That is, unless you're a crab.
Munchies Staff

It's Not Allowed in Baby Bottles, But BPA Is Probably Lining Your Canned Foods

There hasn't been a food-borne illness case from the failure of metal packaging in over 35 years thanks to the chemical, says an industry representative.
Kate Jenkins

This What Happens When You Leave Bottled Water in the Sun

Have you been hoarding pallet upon pallet of bottled water in your hot garage in preparation for the end of the world? Don't let your Armageddon stockpile sit around too long.
Munchies Staff
Motherboard Blog

BPA Not Only Messes With Your Hormones, It May Mess with Your Genes and Lungs, Too

Two new studies this week add new evidence to the case against BPA.
Austin Considine