code art


This Apocalyptic Architecture Investigates Invisible Military Control

Asad Ullah Khan blends architecture with narrative to create new worlds.


These 8 Artists Bring Glitch Art into the Real World

From fashion to furniture, check out the makers taking inspiration from the glitch.


Coded Compositions Become Rainbow-Colored Geometries

Kim Asendorf's abstract series of browser-based compositions reconsider modern contemporary.


Software Turns Your Trackpad Gestures into Painterly Brushstrokes

Artist Ali Eslami has released an app that turns computer use into Pollock-esque images.


MC Escher Meets Mondrian in Code-Generated Marker Drawings

A look at the machine-made magic of Miguel Nóbrega.


Code Your Couture with a New Digital Design Collab

Processing's new collab with Print All Over Me is the kind of generative design platform we've been waiting for.


Here's Everything Awesome About Processing 3.0

Say "Hello World" to all-new features in the free, open-source creative coding suite.


Artist "Paints" with Artificial Life and Computer Viruses

Joseph Nechvatal's video and large-scale works explore the relationships between the technological and the biological.


Audio-Reactive Moons Erupt in iO Sounds' "Another Love EP" Video

Rock, volcanic explosions, dust, gas, and energy inspired visual artist and programmer Joëlle to create this generative music platform.


Instagram Viz Project Lets You Catch the Sunrise All Over the World

Who needs to go outside when you have Instagram?


Lose Yourself in a Coded World of Patterns and Geometry

Repetition is a form of expression in the screen-piercing static and animated works of creative coder Alka Cappellazzo.


Command a Butterfly Swarm in a New Motion-Tracking Installation

CGI insects are at your disposal in Ivor Diosi and Matin Zrcek's new installation, 'Butterfliezz for Alice.'