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Lose Yourself in a Coded World of Patterns and Geometry

Repetition is a form of expression in the screen-piercing static and animated works of creative coder Alka Cappellazzo.

PI, Alka Cappellazzo. Courtesy the artist

A version of this article originally appeared on The Creators Project Italy.

The pattern is the repetition of a graphic, a structure, an ornamental design. For creative coder Alka Cappellazzo, repetition of geometric shapes is a form of expression, whether it is static or a pattern of hypnotic animated shapes that seem to pierce the screen along the z-axis. "My intention is to explore the nature of the pattern through programming," Cappellazzo tells The Creators Project.


She generates her patterns in Processing, building complex and magnetic images from simple geometric bases. "Through the use of the 'random' and 'noise' functions," she explains, "the results I get are always different and interesting."

Dimensions, Alka Cappellazzo

On her Do you see a pattern here? Tumblr, you can also find the codes which bring the works to life. "In my work, code is always visible. For me it is essential to show the nature of the creative process. Making the source code public allows for study and collaboration between artists, programmers and enthusiasts. Art is knowledge, it is not good to build jealously, but to share so that it can live and spread."

Tune, Alka Cappellazzo

To learn more about Alka Cappellazzo, visit her Tumblr and portfolio on OpenProcessing.


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