Photos That Embrace Life on the Fringe

John Francis Peters documents travelers seeking a life beyond the systems and institutions that have failed them.
Clara Mokri
true crime

What Charles Manson Had in Common with the Alt-Right

Besides fear of black people and anxiety about the collapse of the white race, Manson and the modern far-right also shared fantasies about the future.
Josiah Hesse
art movement

Meet the Free-Loving Folks Behind Hippiedom In This Out-of-Sight Exhibit

Framed around the Summer of Love, this multimedia exhibit makes hippiedom relevant again.
Diana Shi

The Photographer Who Inspired "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test"

A repress of Tom Wolfe's seminal book features rare manuscripts, photos, and more. We talked to Lawrence Schiller, whose photographs of the counterculture movement inspired Wolfe, about how the new text offers the "full picture of set and setting."
Patrick Lyons
Vice Blog

A Former Crass Member Looks Back on 50 Years of Counterculture

We spoke to artist and former Crass member Gee Vaucher ahead of her retrospective show.
Robert Foster

The Trippy Life of the LSD Manufacturer Who ‘Helped Create the 60s’

Augustus Owsley Stanley III was the LSD chemist and audio maestro who not only created the Grateful Dead's "Wall of Sound" and inspired the band's dancing bear iconography, but also created the drugs that sparked the "spirit of that era."
Seth Ferranti

How an Iconic Zine's Indecency Trial Exposed a Web of Police Corruption

In 1970, the counterculture magazine <i>OZ</i> got a load of school kids to edit an issue full of naked women and ads for sex toys, which didn't go down too well with the Met's Obscene Publication Squad.
Rob Baker
Britain at Night

The New State of British Nightlife

Over half of British nightclubs have closed in the past ten years. This week, VICE UK and Thump will look at the causes surrounding the closures and what has changed in English nightlife over the past decade.
VICE Staff

From Rave to Revolution: How Pop Music Has Changed the World

Journalist Matthew Collin's new book <i>Pop Grenade</i> traces the history of political pop in the 20th century, from Fela Kuti to Public Enemy to Pussy Riot.
Max Daly

'Haunted Technology': An Interview with Erik Davis, Scholar of the Weird

We talked about conspiracy theories, confronting the void, and modern-day magic.
Nathan A. Thompson

The New English Library Was the Sleazy King of British Pulp Publishing

Punks, mods, Hells Angels, and corrupt cops all had their place in the cult 1970s publishing stable.
Harry Sword

Mexican Mods Helped Reshape the Cartel-Ravaged City of Tijuana

Tijuana's mod scene might be tiny, but that hasn't stopped them from throwing parties every month or raising their kids to keep on carrying the torch.
Alex Zaragoza