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Poop is Raining From the Sky in Canada, and the Government Says It's Not Planes

Is this the crappiest government cover-up ever?
Jordan Pearson
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The White House Says Russia Spread 'False Narratives' About Syria

A declassified White House report claims the Kremlin tried to confuse people about the recent Syrian chemical attacks.
Allie Conti

On the Front Lines with the Militias Trying to Save Libya from ISIS

Check out the trailer for our upcoming episode of 'VICE' on HBO, airing June 10 at 11 PM.
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Swedish Police Allegedly Covered Up Sex Crimes at an Annual Youth Music Festival

Incidents of sexual violence have been reported at the Swedish festival since 2014.
Rebecca Krauss

My Six Years with Jimmy Savile: An Interview with His Biographer

Dan Davies interviewed Savile over six years in order to write his now award-winning biography, 'In Plain Sight.'
David Whelan
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Scotland Yard Has Been Accused of Covering Up a London Tube Serial Killer

A former detective claimed a man pushed 18 people in front of trains in the 1970s.
Carlton Férment

This New Documentary on the Campus-Rape Epidemic Will Enrage You

An unflinching examination of sexual assaults that have been covered up by colleges and universities across America.
Sam Fragoso
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UFO Researching Lego Enthusiast

Paul Dean has a house full of classified military documents, which he scans for info on UFOs, and Lego. So why would you dedicate 22 years to that?
David Allegretti

How the UK Finally Turned into a Nation of Pedophile Hunters

British society has stopped ignoring child abuse and is tackling it head-on. What's changed?
Tom Lamont

The Journalist Who Was Arrested for Investigating a Pedophile Orphanage

Jersey is an island of around 100,000 people nestled between Guernsey and the coast of Normandy. In 2008, small human remains were found at Haut de la Garenne, a former orphanage on the island. A subsequent investigation exposed a history of sexual...
Camille Standen