After you die

Human Composting Just Got the Green Light in Washington

It's an eco-friendly alternative to burial or cremation
Emma Ockerman

Washington Could Become the First State to Compost the Dead

A new bill wants to let you turn your loved ones into soil.
Sarah Emerson

This Artist Creates Specialty Dildos That Can Hold Human Remains

2 Chainz discovers the very expensive method wealthy widows can buy to honor their late loved ones.
Sarah Bellman
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Cops Seized a Bag of Human Remains Because They Thought It Was Heroin

In some kind of 'Nathan for You' episode come to life.
River Donaghey
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Hong Kong is running out of space to put its dead

Even finding a place for cremated remains is almost impossible
Laurel Chor

Future Funerals: How Death Is Slowly Being Disrupted

How could innovative ideas improve funerals and final resting places? It’s a question not being asked enough.
Ernie Smith
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Texas Abortion Clinics Have to Bury or Cremate Fetuses Now

The new rules will also require abortion providers to foot the cost, which is sometimes thousands of dollars per case.
Lauren Messman

We Asked an Undertaker Why He Keeps Strangers’ Unclaimed Ashes for Decades

Lawrence Shrader definitely has more dead people in his basement than you do.
Jesse Donaldson
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The Vatican Says Catholics Shouldn't Spread Their Dead Relatives' Ashes Around Anymore

People are now supposed to keep them at a cemetery, and not on the mantel at home.
Allison Schaller

Jamie Oliver Says He Wants to Be Cremated in a Pizza Oven When He Dies

The TV chef has revealed in an interview with The Daily Mail that he wants a “culinary approach” to his funeral.
Daisy Meager
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This Town Is Pouring Dissolved Human Bodies Into Its Sewer System

Dale Hilton is offering Canadians a more energy-efficient cremation method by using alkaline to liquify bodies and subsequently dumping the runoff into the city's sewage system.
Amil Niazi

This Is What It's Like to Burn Bodies for a Living

Cremation is becoming more and more popular in the US. We spoke to a young crematory operator about what it's like to make a living incinerating human carcasses.
Anonymous, As Told to Rick Paulas