These Women Took Their Daughters With Them to Vote for Themselves

"I started this campaign with Mila by my side. I can't imagine heading to the polls without her," said Liuba Grechen Shirley, Democratic nominee in the 2nd congressional district in New York.


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The Mothers and Daughters Who Marched on Washington Together

"I thought it was very important to support my daughter, and all daughters of the world—not just for women's rights, but all rights."


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A girl goes with her father to see his mistress regularly. When her father dies, she pays the mistress one last visit and learns something surprising.


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Providence, powerviolence, members of Dropdead. Got any questions?


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If our brain is a computer, then our interactions with our parents are the default setting. And when things go faulty or get stressful in our adult lives, our neurons head for a familiar path, one usually set in early development. In other words...


How to Be a Great Dad, as Told by Pro Skateboarders

There's going to be a lot of shit and piss.