Chinese CRISPR Scientist Who Allegedly Edited Infants’ Genes Is Reportedly Missing

Local Chinese media says the controversial scientist has been placed under “house arrest” by a Shenzhen university which has since denied the claim.


Experts Now Believe MH370’s Pilot Was on a Suicide-Murder Mission

One disturbing piece of evidence finds Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah deviated slightly over Penang, his childhood home.


This Video of a Tiki Bar Sinking into the Ohio River Is a Condensed Disaster Film

Looks like this "floating restaurant and bar" can't float too well :-(


The Man Who Went to Space and Disappeared

Thirty-five years ago, Granger Taylor left a note saying he was boarding an alien spaceship for an interstellar journey. He was never seen again.


International Experts Say Mexico Has Blocked the Search for Truth in Missing Students' Case

The experts — attached to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights — say confessions of detainees with credible complaints of torture underpin key parts of the official version of what happened to the 43 students.


The Bizarre Case (and Mysterious Disappearance) of an Infamous Drug Kingpin

Arthur James Williams was supposed to stand trial for manufacturing a huge amount of drugs, but when he was released on bail, he vanished, leaving behind a wrecked airplane but no body.


Parents of Missing 43 Students Angry and Frustrated After Meeting Mexican President

The parents met with President Enrique Peña Nieto with emotions running high, two days ahead of the first anniversary of the disappearance of their children.


The Man Who Wasn’t There

In 2010 one of Australia's most notorious crime bosses, Carl Williams, was murdered at Victoria's Barwon Prison. A little over a year later the prison's general manager, David Prideaux, disappeared on a hunting trip. His body has never been found.


Officials Say the 43 Students Missing In Mexico Were Incinerated

Mexican Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam said Friday the 43 students were likely executed and burned for hours in a dump near the town where they disappeared.