How Cities Are Trying to Rein In the Scooter and Bike Share Craze

Profit-motivated mobility startups can’t be trusted to regulate themselves.
Tracey Lindeman
gig economy

My Failed Quest to Get Rich by Being a Notary Public

Or, My Attempt to Disrupt a Part of the Gig Economy That Needs No Disruption.
Nick Greene

A Totally Not Made Up Cryptocurrency Conspiracy Featuring LaVar Ball

Is it possible that LaVar Ball will fund his new basketball league with Bitcoin?
Joseph Swide

This Incredibly Annoying 'Disruptive' PB&J Looks an Awful Lot Like an Uncrustable

Goes perfectly with a tall glass of juice from your $400 Juicero machine.
Alex Swerdloff

European Political Revolution Summer, Part I

Former Bernie Sanders bros, Winnie Wong and Claire Sandberg, check-in on the political freak scene abroad.
Nick Chedli Carter
Golden State Warriors

The Warriors Wooed Kevin Durant with Virtual Reality

This is so Warriors.
Sean Newell
weak in review

Sam Hinkie and an Untrustable Process: David Roth's Weak in Review

Sam Hinkie's Process is over in Philadelphia. Joe Lacob's work taking credit in Golden State is only beginning. Business, in other words, is booming as usual.
David Roth
prestige journalism

An Algorithm and a Super Bowl: How the Cleveland Browns Won It All in 2017

All it took for the Cleveland Browns to go where they'd never gone before was one little bit of innovation, and the guts to make it work—doubters be damned.
Aaron Gordon & David Roth
Longreads Or Whatever

In the Streaming Era, Should Musicians Be Thinking Like Startups?

In the war to win streaming, services are highlighting their analytics features to appeal to artists. Is it time for those artists to get on board and disrupt themselves with data?
Devin Schiff

Too Many Notes! How a Silicon Valley Designer Is Disrupting Piano Music

The bleeding edge of piano music takes an idea from the 14th century and 14-year-old guitarists: tablature.
Ben Richmond
Young Thug

Tom Coughlin Has Some Questions For Millennials

Tom Coughlin is one of the NFL's most legendary hard-asses. But that doesn't mean he's above trying to figure out the mysterious species known as The Millennial.
David Roth
Opinion and Analysis

The Point of Protests Against Police Violence? To Shut the System Down

In the wake of the news there would be no indictments for the officers who killed Mike Brown and Eric Garner, protestors are calling for much more than prosecutions.
Natasha Lennard