These Doulas Are Making Pregnancy Safer for Women of Color

"It’s not our bodies that are broken. We need to look at all the other external factors that are making childbirth more dangerous.”
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria
women's health

We Need More Male Doulas

As the family dynamics shifts, so does the need for a more diverse birthing community.
Laura Dorwart
Sex Ed

The Women Teaching America About the 'Fifth Vital Sign': Periods

After caring for pregnant people who lacked basic knowledge of reproductive health, nurse Kelsey Knight and doula Emily Varnam created a course using menstruation as a measure of health and taught it across 43 states.
Hannah H. Kim
Desus & Mero

Erykah Badu Tells Desus and Mero What It's Like to Be a Doula

The iconic musician visited the VICELAND show to talk about death and childbirth.
Sarah Bellman

Doula, Musician, and Mother Domino Kirke on How to Stay Sane in the New Year

Brooklyn singer, birth worker, and sister to 'Girls' actress Jemima Kirke speaks to Broadly about her work as a mother, a doula, and why she wants us to accept ourselves as we are in 2017.
Leila Ettachfini

Every Pregnant Woman Should Get A Doula, Study Says

To many, doulas represent a certain type of bourgie luxury. According to a new study, however, the health benefits of hippie-style birth coaching are biggest for low-income women.
Gabby Bess
style rider

Style Rider: Domino Kirke Likes Jumpsuits Because They Make It Look Like She Tried

The rockstar doula has more than a few tricks up her flowing sleeves.
Casey Lewis

Hospital Regulations Are Forcing Women to Steal Their Own Placentas

Women are turning their placentas into little capsules and swallowing them after birth. But some hospitals are also denying women the right to take their placentas home with them.
Arielle Pardes