Dragon Age


The Game Awards Were Much More Entertaining Than Expected

And no, not only because our expectations were low.
Austin Walker

The Former Project Director of Mass Effect Is Back at BioWare

Hudson replaces outgoing general manager Aaryn Flynn, who has been with the developer since 2000.
Jordan Mallory
E3 2017

'Anthem' Shows A Very Different Side of Bioware

The RPG studio is working off-menu for this one, and I'm not sure how the dish will turn out.
Cameron Kunzelman
Kiss and Tell

Romance in Video Games Can Sometimes Be Best Expressed Through Words Alone

‘Night in the Woods’ is a rare example of a game that convincingly shows a relationship in motion, even when its partners are apart.
Kate Gray
Mass Effect Andromeda

Why Video Games Have So Many Endings and So Few Conclusions

Big games need to get better at letting us say goodbye.
Austin Walker
Dragon Age

Mages Like Me: Dragon Age, Magic and Mental Hospitals

I saw myself, a teen in a psychiatric hospital, in the mages of Dragon Age.
Dymphna .
Dragon's Dogma

Even the Blankest Slates Don’t Stay That Way

Game characters used to be much, much simpler.
Jenn Wright

If 'Skyrim' Were a Fine Art, It Might Look Like This

Alex McLeod blends fantasy and reality in his detailed digital landscapes and sculptures.
Beckett Mufson
VICE vs Video games

Bittersweet Victory: On the Void Left Behind When Your Favorite Game Is Completed

The final boss was defeated, but this wasn't victory I felt. I wasn't happy. I was gutted, and had a new gap in my life.
Scott Craig White

Queer Gaming Conference GX Is Coming to Australia

GX was started as a reaction to gaming's dominant "bro" culture, and serves as a place for queer geeks to hang out and enjoy cool shit in a safe, inclusive space.
Wendy Syfret

One Thing Video Games Need: More Sex

If video games are meant as an escape from the real world where anything should be possible, why isn’t having more sex an option?
Brittany Vincent
VICE vs Video games

Romancing the Drone: How Video Game Foreplay Makes Us Care for Our Digital Loved Ones

Sex in games is nothing new, but developers are increasingly looking to craft more realistic romances—even with anthropomorphic cattle.
Miellyn Fitzwater Barrows