Drew Brown


We Are All This Polar Bear, Praying for an End to This Madness

We are animals, a screaming missile of hunger and horniness shooting straight from the womb to the tomb.


Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump Are Going to Be Hilariously, Dangerously Mismatched Neighbors

Even if the formal machinery of international North American politics holds more-or-less together, the biggest shift in Canada/US relations once Trump is inaugurated will likely be at the symbolic level.


Shirtless Justin Trudeau Shows Canada Still Has a Cool Dad

Those near-perfect abs are a powerful statement on who we think we are.


10 Yale Art Student Graduates Explore the Future of Photography

'Reviver' seeks to challenge our notions of the study of photography being latent.


What You Need to Know About the Massive Wildfire Burning in Canada

The devastating fire comes only a month after the Alberta government cut $11.7 million from its wildfire management program.


How Canadians Learned to Stop Worrying and Vote for Justin Trudeau

After a long, strange, and scandal-filled campaign season, Canadians gave the Liberal Party a massive, unexpected victory.


The Fog of Avalon: Canada’s Most Bizarre Electoral Race

The frontrunner is accused of sexual harassment, the Liberal camp is split, and the Conservatives turfed their best chance possibly over a joke.


In Defense of the Terrible Canadian Senate

It's awful, but Prime Minister Stephen Harper knows it's not going anywhere, despite his election promises.


How the Hell Did a Left-Wing Party Suddenly Win an Election in Alberta?

The longest-lived political dynasty in Canadian history has been swept away after 44 years as Albertans voted en masse for the New Democratic Party.