Scientists Are Furious Over Canada’s Bizarre Ban on Importing Zebrafish

Research into Alzheimer’s, blindness, heart disease, and arthritis has been killed.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Democrats sue Republicans over Trump's "rigged" election claims, woman fights off three men in clown masks, Orlando Magic dedicate season opener to Pulse nightclub victims, and more.


No End in Sight for Russian Food Embargo

Russian President Vladimir Putin just signed a decree that prolongs the sanctions throughout all of 2017.


Why Major League Baseball's Visit to Cuba Matters

America has been obsessed with what was in Cuba at the expense of what is. Tuesday's game is a chance to change that.


US and Cuba Strike Historic Deal to Allow Regular Commercial Flights

On Tuesday, US and Cuban officials met in Havana to do away with long-standing barriers that banned regular US commercial carriers from operating on the island, allowing Americans to soon purchase a plane ticket from the US to Cuba.


Is the United Nations About to Call for the Decriminalization of All Drugs?

Richard Branson just posted an embargoed document from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime that urges governments to ease off on the prosecution and imprisonment of drug users.


Raul Castro Tells Obama He Must Lift Cuban Embargo — and Return Guantanamo

President Barack Obama and his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro met for the second time this year, on Tuesday in New York, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.


Pope Francis Warms Communist Leader's Heart Ahead of Cuba Visit

The pope’s visit to Cuba on his way to the US is the latest sign of increasingly friendly relations between the island nation's Communist government and the Vatican.


Verizon Is Using the Cuban Government's Cell Phone Network

Verizon is going to Cuba, but the move will only benefit American travelers in the short term.


Russia Hates Western Condoms

Russia's Ministry of Industry and Trade now supports restricting the import of Western-made rubbers, which health officials say will promote "discipline" and make Russians more "selective in their choice of partners."


An American Startup Is Letting Cubans Share Internet Connections for Free

Cubans use 'Connectify' to sidestep the government's tightly-controlled wifi networks.


The Internet Dealers of Cuba

In Havana, the internet is dealt as if it were a drug.