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Some Genius Memers Are Creatively Fighting the EU's Possible Meme Ban

Can internet logic save memes?
Beckett Mufson

Hailey Gates Learns How to Be a Camgirl on 'STATES OF UNDRESS'

On the season two finale, Hailey meets up with webcam models in Romania and explores the larger fashion scene in the formerly communist country.
VICE Staff
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Banksy Made a Mural About Brexit

The elusive street artist makes his first statement about the UK's impending departure from the European Union.
Nathaniel Ainley
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Spain Appointed a Sex Commissioner to Get People Making Babies Again

The new government position is aimed at curbing the country's dropping birth rate, apparently.
Brian Moylan

Meet the Ukrainians Smuggling Black Market Cigarettes to the EU

On an all new episode of 'Black Market: Dispatches', we travel to Ukraine to talk to the people who rely on the underground cigarette trade for survival.
VICE Staff

Why Terrorists Keep Attacking France

A massive population of marginalized immigrants and an overwhelmed security apparatus are a recipe for disaster.
Mark Hay

How Scotland Could Ruin Theresa May's Career as British Prime Minster

Keeping Scotland part of the UK will be one of the prime minister's biggest challenges.
Liam Turbett
Europe: The Final Countdown

Explaining Brexit to the Rest of the World

Everyone in the UK is pretty on edge right now. Here's why.
Oscar Rickett

The Angry Scots Who Want to Stay in the EU

They don't want to be dragged out of Europe with the rest of the UK.
Aimee Stanton

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Obama reassures Canada and Mexico that the US will maintain close ties, Turkey probes ISIS link to Ataturk Airport attacks, Facebook changes its News Feed settings, and more.
VICE Staff
Europe: The Final Countdown

Oh, Good, Now There Is Brexit Erotica

The new e-book, 'Pounded by the Pound,' imagines a steamy, post-Brexit hellscape starring a guy and his giant, living British Pound coin companion.
Mark Hay
Europe: The Final Countdown

How It Feels to Be a Brit Living in Germany After the Brexit

I'm based in Berlin, with my Italian wife and our seven-month-old kid, and it already feels as though something in the air has changed since the referendum result.
Tom Littlewood