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Baltimore Cops Carried Toy Guns to Plant on People They Shot, Trial Reveals

One officer involved in the city's massive corruption scandal said officers kept the replicas "in case we accidentally hit somebody or got into a shootout, so we could plant them."
Drew Schwartz
true crime

The Strange Extortion Trial Pitting Teamsters Against 'Top Chef'

Allegations of slashed tires, misogynistic and ethnic threats, and terrified reality TV producers—this federal case has it all.
Susan Zalkind
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Deadly Russian Gangsters Smuggled Insane Amount of Chocolate, Feds Say

The FBI arrested 23 suspected Shulaya Enterprise members for a "dizzying array of criminal schemes," including extortion and contract killing.
VICE Staff

Scammers Are Reportedly Using Gay Hookup Apps to Blackmail Users

A few men in Australia have reportedly been threatened with extortion after going to meet users from the app in person. Sometimes, the altercations have turned violent.
Brian Moylan

Cocaine in the Tiramisu: What I Saw Working for a Restaurant Run by the Polish Mafia

Orgies, beatings, and shifty-eyed teenage boys in tracksuits—my time waitressing at the Yangtze was a big, fat cliché.
Szymon Duch*

Why It Is So Hard to Catch the People Blackmailing Men with Webcam Sex Videos

We spoke to an expert about the recent trend of online 'sextortion' cases involving young men.
Allison Tierney

What It’s Like Being Blackmailed Over a Webcam Sex Video

Police say a number of young men are becoming the victims of sextortion. We spoke to one of them about how he was tricked into whipping out his dingle on camera for a stranger.
Allison Tierney

How a 'Sextortionist' Went from Trolling Bieber Fan Pages to Being Sent to Prison for Child Pornography

What started as a relatively harmless ring of internet pranksters became a playground for a demented adult.
Allie Conti

Mexican Drug Cartels Are Using Social Media Apps to Commit Virtual Kidnappings

Facebook and WhatsApp are being used to trick people into ponying up cash for safe relatives.
Priscila Mosqueda

The Mob Justice of Kenya's Somali Stop-and-Frisk

Eastleigh, a bustling business district in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, is home to thousands of ethnic Somalis—both Kenyan citizens as well as refugees from Somalia and Ethiopia. In recent years, there’s been a trend of underpaid police using anti...
Jason Patinkin

What Happens When a Colombian City Ruled by Extortion Finally Says No?

As Colombia’s busiest port, Buenaventura does business with harbors around the world. Because of its strategic location, the port is also a primary artery for cocaine leaving the country. As Colombian paramilitaries have reinvented themselves into...
Michael Zelenko

God Keeps Sending Me Letters Asking for Money

And he won't leave me the fuck alone.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete