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No Athletes Inspire as Much Devotion as the Ones I Love to Hate

Villains might be my secret favorite thing in sports.
Rob Zacny
The F1 Logo Controversy

The Hidden Optical Illusion In the Formula 1 Logo is Tearing us Apart

How much of our world is true to reality, and how much is an interpretation formed by our own beliefs and prejudices?
Jim Weeks
Formula 1

Jacques Villeneuve: Lance Stroll 'One of the Worst' Rookies in F1 History

Stroll, 18, has struggled immensely as the first Canadian F1 driver since Villeneuve.
Kyle Cantlon

The 'F1 2017' Trailer Is Inscrutable, Navel Gazing, and Brilliant

The F1 series tries to find its way forward with an audience that stays in the past.
Rob Zacny
mysterious minor royals

The Mysterious Nigerian Prince Who Scammed His Way Into Owning an F1 Team

Ahead of the 1999 season, a Nigerian prince became the co-owner of Formula 1 stalwarts Arrows. Before the campaign was over he had disappeared, leaving the team in the lurch and considerable confusion as to his motives.
Jim Weeks
disciples of michael schumacher

In Conversation With Esteban Ocon, France's Newest Formula 1 Star

VICE Sports sat down with rising F1 star Esteban Ocon to discuss the new grand prix season, his old rivalry with Max Verstappen, and looking down on his rivals as the tallest driver on the grid.
Jim Weeks

Sex, Drugs and Formula 1: Tommy Byrne's Wild Ride

Tommy Byrne was a gifted young racing driver, but his Formula 1 career was short lived. The exact reasons for this are unclear – though the Irishman's fondness for drink, drugs and women cannot have helped his cause.
Jim Weeks

Former World Champion Says Teens Debuting in F1 Gives Off "Wrong Image"

Former world champion Jacques Villeneuve thinks that the influx of teenage drivers like Max Verstappen and Lance Stoll makes Formula 1 look too easy.
Adam Cooper, Motorsport.com

Mexican F1 Star Dumps Sponsor via Twitter After Trump Row

Sergio Perez tweeted that he will ditch Hawkers as a sponsor after the sunglass brand tweeted that Mexican citizens could use its glasses to cover their 'crying eyes tomorrow when you are building the wall.'
Andrew van Leeuwen, motorsport.com

Should F1 Have Set an Example Over Vettel’s Outburst?

The FIA decided against taking any action over Sebastian Vettel’s curse-laden radio rant in Mexico, but does that send out a bad message of its own?
Charles Bradley, Motorsport.com
turn 6 on lap 48

Collision and Collusion: The Story of the 1997 Formula 1 Title Decider

The deciding race in a finely balanced title battle, the 1997 European Grand Prix was packed with high drama and claims of collusion. Almost 20 years on, it ranks as a controversial classic.
Jim Weeks
Video Games

Lewis Hamilton to Appear in Next Call of Duty Game

Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton is to become one of the stars of the next installment of the ultra-successful games franchise Call of Duty.
Jonathan Noble, Motorsport.com