Fourth Amendment


These Cops Are Seizing Cash from People Who Smell Like Weed Before They Fly to California

Smelling like cannabis and buying your ticket right before your flight from this Florida airport are apparently great reasons for cops to take your stuff.
Francisco Alvarado
State of Surveillance

Supreme Court Says Cops Need to Get a Warrant to Get Your Phone Location Data

In a much-anticipated decision, the Supreme Court changed the course of history, siding with privacy activists and giving Americans stronger privacy protections in the digital age.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Only one Supreme Court justice thinks cops shouldn’t need a warrant to search your garage

"The Fourth Amendment is neither an 'ass' nor an 'idiot,'" Justice Alito wrote in his dissent.
Carter Sherman

ICE Agents Should Know the Law, but They're Fine with Warrantless Raids

A leaked training manual says officers should be familiar with Fourth Amendment procedures. So what explains their aggressive actions on a New York farm?
Eoin Higgins
Fourth Amendment

The Supreme Court might make it easier for cops to tap your cell phone

Cops might be able to turn to any judge, even ones known to grant overbroad requests, for a wiretap.
Isabella McKinley Corbo
supreme court

Neil Gorsuch is shaping up to be an unlikely defender of your privacy

Neil Gorsuch has already signaled a break with his fellow conservatives on Fourth Amendment issues.
Carter Sherman
Isabella McKinley Corbo
Fourth Amendment

The Supreme Court may let the police into your garage without a warrant

If Virginia gets its way at the Supreme Court, police across the country would have the authority to search someone’s car, even if it’s parked inside a private property, without a warrant.
Carter Sherman
Silk Road

The Supreme Court is Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht’s last hope

Lawyers for "Dread Pirate Roberts" will challenge the reach of the Fourth Amendment in the digital age
Keegan Hamilton
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Homeland Security is being sued over warrantless searches at U.S. borders

Homeland Security says lawsuit challenging legality of warrantless electronics searches would “upend border search doctrine”
supreme court

The Future of Digital Privacy Will Be Determined by This Radio Shack Robbery Case

Law enforcement obtained 127 days worth of cellphone records from Timothy Carpenter without a warrant. The Supreme Court will decide now if that was legal.
Louise Matsakis
supreme court

Your digital privacy rights will be redefined by this Supreme Court case

Carpenter v. U.S. will either drastically expand or limit Americans’ right to privacy in the digital age.  
Isabella McKinley Corbo
Fourth Amendment

How cops hack into your phone without a warrant

A murky web of federal and state statutes determine how easily cops can access data on Americans’ cell phones.
Isabella McKinley Corbo