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Teachers aren’t that worried about school shootings after Parkland, Gallup poll finds

Sixty-four percent of the teachers surveyed said they were either “not too worried.”
Alex Lubben
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More Americans Than Ever Down with Porn, Divorce, Sex, Poll Finds

A record 69 percent of the country is cool with unmarried men and women having sex.
Drew Schwartz

The more Trump talks about health care, the more popular Obamacare gets

Alex Thompson

It's Not Just You, Most Millennials Are Bored at Work

A new survey says that millennials are the generation least engaged at work, and most of us are ready to look for new jobs. What's wrong with us?
VICE Staff

Of Course Nobody Trusts Media in the Age of Clickbait

New polls show that public trust in the media is lower than ever. Are content farms to blame?

Principals at Poor Schools Grossly Underestimate the Demand for Computer Science

Google commissioned Gallup to find out what parents, students, and school officials thought about computer science education.
Alix Jean-Pharuns
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Should We Stop Using the Phrase 'Assisted Suicide'?

Terms like "aid in dying" paint a better picture of end-of-life decisions, and could give people with terminal illnesses a way to work around laws.
Simon Davis

Americans Are Ditching Soda in Droves

A new poll has revealed that 61 percent of Americans now avoid drinking soda, while 62 percent refrain from drinking diet soda, too. Is now the time for coconut water to become the standard beverage with your burger and fries?
Javier Cabral
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There Are Still Tons of People Around the World Who Haven't Heard About Climate Change

About 40 percent of people globally haven't heard about the topic and majorities are unaware in several nations that are particularly vulnerable to climate change impacts, like India and Pakistan.
Rob Verger

Rich, Educated People Drink the Most Out of Any of Us

It may feel like the biggest boozers around are your deadbeat neighbors who are always throwing back beers on the stoop, but the rich and college-educated are drunk and loving it.
Hilary Pollack

Number in US Saying They're 'Extremely Proud' to Be American in Decline

People answering "extremely proud" to be American peaked after 9/11 and the start of the Iraq War, but majority still report that level of pride in their country.
Aliya Iftikhar

Somehow West Virginia Uses the Most Mind-Altering Drugs and Alaska Uses the Least

Apparently, West Virginia uses the most mood-altering drugs, and Alaska uses the least.
Mike Pearl